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designerbox 44


Ref : DBX044D0100

Designerbox#44 - Limited Edition - February 2017 - numbered wooden box including a table mirror with its certificate of authenticity and a journal dedicated to it.

With Tsuki, a delicate mirror, Charlotte Juillard has focused on purity and elegance to seduce Designerbox subscribers. 

Function : Mirror

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Designerbox #44

Tsuki, a table miroir by Charlotte Juillard

“Less is more”: Charlotte Juillard created an object from the architect Mies Van der Rohe’s famous aphorism.


“Tsuki” (inspired by the Japanese Tsukuyomi, the Moon God) is a table mirror made of a simple bent metal base with a slit and a round mirror, cleverly held in place by a small sticker on the back.


Feminine in its curved lines and purpose, this object will fit into both contemporary and traditional interior designs and will be perfect placed on a dressing table, shelf or in a library. 

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There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object