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Designerbox 20


Ref : DBX020M0100
Designerbox#20 -Jan 2015- Numbered wooden box with a wood coathanger, its certificate of authenticity, a newspaper and a small Farrow&Ball color pot. A clever coathanger created by Mathias van de Walle, ‘Hooks’ unfolds like a book to be positioned against any wall or corner. Delivered with Farrow & Ball colors, it offers great versatility and the opportunity for personalization.

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #20

Insatiably curious and a passionate worker, Mathias van de Walle continually draws inspiration from everyday life. For ‘Hooks’, his ingenious and aesthetically arresting coathanger, he draws on the principles of book binding.
Made as economically as possible from a single material - raw wood – ‘Hooks’ offers many practical possibilities to its users.
To enhance and enable users to customize the object, the designer has selected four shades from celebrated paint and wallpaper brand Farrow & Ball: Cook’s Blue, Calke Green, Vert de Terre and Skylight. Each harmonizes perfectly with the wood of the object and can cover ‘Hooks’ in whole as well as in part.


Designed to have a sculptural, monolithic quality, Mathias van de Walle’s ‘Hooks’ coat rack was made in birch plywood, each piece carefully cut on a digital press for exact accuracy of shape and finish.
Each piece was then assembled, one by one, by attaching them by hand to textile strips, creating a hinge. This allows the coat rack to open in the manner of a book, and to be attached to any wall or corner.

Color : wood

Object dimensions : L 8cm, H 24,5 cm, depth 12 cm

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