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Designerbox 17

Design by JOSÉ LEVY

Ref : DBX017D0100

Designerbox#17 - One-Off edition – Oct.2014 - Numbered wooden box with a pure copper polished mirror and its certificate of authenticity.

This object mirror, created by José Levy is to be propped to a wall. It is a precious, free-moving suspension and a purposeless homage to surrealism. Scorpion evokes the daintiness and nimbleness of a gaze in the mirror.  

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #17

The Sentimental designer, José Levy's inspiration taps into the memory of his surroundings. If the astrological reference is self-evident in "Scorpion", it is to be perceived as an homage to the numerous people of this zodiac sign who are part of the creator's life. As the release date of this mirror matches the month of this zodiac sign, it led to its christening: "it was too tempting", however, Josè Levy confesses paying little attention to astral figures...As baffling as its creator, this " birds' mirror" is also a manifestation in favor of the existence of imaginary objects. True to himself, Josè Levy wished to create an everyday object which would allow people to choose it's purpose and to change it. Free in its function, "Scorpion" retains the strong and poetic character that its creator granted.

Know-How : 

Segno Italiano selects the best craftsmen in Italy to produce high quality objects, conceived with specific regional techniques. In promoting historical workshops Segno Italiano plays the middleman between international design houses, like designer box and craftsmen. "Scorpion" has been thereby made in Italy and it is a testament to this unique know-how, with stamps of quality and longevity. Made out of hand-cut and hand-polished copper plates, the mirror/object is also the reflected image of a century old trade that remains modern.

Color : copper

Object dimensions : L 10 cm, H 15 cm, depth 80 cm

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