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Designerbox 34


Ref : DBX034M0100

Designerbox #34 - Limited edition - March 2016 - numbered wooden box including a bookend or paper weight with its certificate of authenticity and a journal dedicated to it.


"Murakami", designed by Studio Dessuant Bone offers a visual rest to the eyes gazing at saturated interiors. 

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #34

Murakami, the bookend designed by Studio Dessuant Bone. 

"Murakami", named after one of their favorite novelist, is the object that Marie and Philip would have liked to receive as subscribers of designerbox. Avid readers of fictions, art books as well as of magazines, the usefulness of a bookend evidently sprang to their mind and working on its aesthetics outlook was all the more interesting as the traditional image of a bookshelf accessory often traditional, even kitsch figurative objects.


As much a bookend as it can be a paper weight, this object plays with contrasts, weights, colors, shapes and tactile feelings, with its blue aluminum and concrete ball, to harmoniously impose its double definition.

Color / Material : Blue / Aluminium and concrete

Dimensions (cm) : L.15/l.15/H.20


Made in France by les Gones, brand and producer based in Lyon, France. 

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There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object