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Designerbox 11


Ref : DBX011B0100

Designerbox#11 - One-Off edition –April 2014- Numbered wooden box with a deco accessory and its certificate of Authenticity

Babylon is a micro architectural frame created by Finnish star designer Harri Koskinen. Adorned with flowers or letters, Babylon is an unusual decorative object that becomes an essential and poetic accessory of our daily life!

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #11

The designerbox#11 pays homage to architecture. The object’s lightness is matched only by its sturdiness. Babylon is a testimony of Finnish designer Harri Koskinen’s art – a care brought to details, with free flowing lines deftly arranged, perfect proportions and an almost vintage touch of color, a wink to the 50’s masters of design. Nothing gets in the way of its usage. Naked its presence is mesmerizing, dressed up with mail or foliage, it becomes the display stand of your imagination daily renewed.


Babylon was made in Finland under the designer, Harri Koskinen, supervision. Each structure in steel wire was carefully hand assembled. A delicate and minute work that is a testimony of the art of precision in Finnish know-how. An orange epoxy lacquer was applied giving the object a vintage touch, a wink to the 50’s great design masters.

Color : Orange 

Object dimensions : L 26cm, H 20cm, depth 9,5 cm

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