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Designerbox' team has been scouring the globe since 2013 for the best designers and craftspeople to spoil you all year long.
MAY - JUNE 2021
BOX Plus de vert !

THE box that will bring an arty green touch to your home!

Thierry D'Istria brings a touch of greenery to your home with his Babylon Babies. 

Content of the box :
- A beige ceramic pot
- A black ceramic pot
- 8 pellets of potting soil and seeds
- 1 magazine of 64 pages.

BOX Ornements

THE box that will bring a plus in your kitchen !

Aurélia Paoli create for this box a delicatly engraved wooden board and a tea towel whis her famous NEMOURS pattern. 

Contenu de la box :
- The NEMOURS wooden board
- The NEMOURS tea towel
- a 64 pages magazine.

BOX Slow life

THE box for your coffee breaks !

At Designerbox we have imagine the perfect cup set for a well deserved break.

Inside the box :
- 5 coffee cups in white ceramic
-1 cofee cup in white ceramic with a golden line 
- 1 magazine of 64 pages to discover the 
behind the scenes of Designerbox !

NOV - DEC 2020
BOX Hot Design Spicy Food

THE box for gourmets !

Treat yourself to a gustative and visual journey with the Royal Twist mill! The mechanism offers more than 10 levels of grinding settings. To be used alone or in duo for an elegant table. 

Box content :

- Royal Twist - peppermill designed by Margaux Keller
- Spice dose - duo of peppers by Fuchs (45 grams)
- Iconic Magazine (64 pages)


SEPT - OCT 2020
Box Belle vie de bureau

THE box that will make you enjoy your workplace @ home!

Winner of the New life @ work design contest, french design studio Natacha.Sacha has imagined for Designerbox' subscribers a high-end table light made in handblowned glass and terracotta. Both a table light and a plate, useful and decorative, Hilla will warm your interior with its trendy touch on a bedside table, a desk or a sideboard. 

Box' content:
- Hilla table lamp with its handblowned glass tube and its terracotta plate
- A 64 pages trendy magazine dedicate to the new generation of workspace.

Belgium Box

THE box which brings some Arts & craft on your table !

The belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte brings a touch of authenticity to your table with his duo of carafes available in 2 sizes : medium and large. Our glass blowers made each piece unique thanks to their tailor-made spout.

Box content :
- Duo of Scissors'sisters carafes in 2 sizes : medium (0,5L) and large (1L)
- a 64 pages magazine dedicated to the art of entertaining and belgian design

MAY - JUNE 2020
Picnic Box

THE outdoor box, nomad and trendy !

Designer Bina Baitel puts light into a bottle for Designerbox'subscribers by creating the ELO outdoor lamp. Coming with the iconic Picardie double ramekin by 5.5 designers, this Picnic box is breaking down the barriers between inddor and outdoor!

Box content :
- ELO wireless light
- Picardie ramekin / blue limited edition
- a 64 pages magazine dedicated to the art of picnic and outdoor trends.

Arcade Box

A trendy box that will bring an arty touch to your interior!

Designerbox invites the Murmull spanish design label to create a limited edition of their iconic STEP stool. A step, a side table, a stool… a surprising and elegant object suited to any room of the house!

Box content :
- Murmull STEP stool in a limited edition with an Oak red finishing
- a limited edition of a 18x24 cm poster by Murmull
- A 64 pages magazine dedicated to Arcade architectural forms, the stylistic personality of Murmull and shopping ideas

À vos fourneaux! Box

THE perfect cook's kit that will have you raring to get into the kitchen!

Designerbox invites the most highly Michelin-starred french female chef to put her stamp on an apron. Coming with lots of high-end accessories, this exclusive box will make you feel like a big Chef!

Box content :
-The Anne-Sophie PIC apron and the herbs SMILE pouch /100% coton  
- Double House : a beech wood smartphone stand 
- MIAM : an ungraved beech spoon 
- A 2 months subscription at the 
- A 64 pages magazine dedicated to the creative universe of Anne-sophie PIC

Smart Home box

A box dedicated to smart homes, in partnership with Thomson!

Designer Fx Balléry has created for Designerbox' subscribers a connected table light. With its large plate made in leather and its hand blowned glass dome, LLumm! will bring a smart touch of elegance to your living room, in your entrance or on your bed sidetable.!

This box contents :
- The LLumm! light with its hand blowned glass dome
- 1 Thomson connected bulb 
- A 64 pages magazine dedicated to smart home and colors

Box Mother Nature

Une box engagée qui apportera un vent d'authenticité sur vos tables !

Les designers de Normal Studio imaginent en exclusivité pour les abonné(e)s Designerbox une corbeille en terre cuite « empruntée » sur une pièce de bois et des accessoires uniques en cuir recyclé.

Contenu de la box :
- La Corbeille Woody en terre cuite 
- 1 Centre de table en cuir
- 2 Sous verre/bouteille en cuir
- 1 magazine de 64 pages dédié au design emprunté à Mère Nature

Box Aperitivo

Une box qui va donner du chic à vos apéros entre amis !

La designer Vénézuelienne Grace Souky imagine en exclusivité pour les abonné(e)s Designerbox, une série d'accessoires aussi raffinés que pratiques.

Contenu de la box :
- 2 planches/bols apéritifs en hêtre massif huilé
- 2 sous-verres/bouteilles en cuir
- 2 pailles en bambou réutilisables
- 1 magazine de 64 pages dédié au rite de l'apéritif

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