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About Arpel

ARPEL LIGHTING is the story of a meeting.
Meeting between a designer, fascinated by the intangible magic of the light, and LED with which he will make a gift.

ARPEL LIGHTING is the story of that gift.
A wedding present more precisely, from a brother to a sister. A handmade LED light with its imperfections, its tinkering, but carrying values and potentials.

ARPEL LIGHTING is the story of a family bet around a common objective: that this present becomes the cornerstone and starting point of a business adventure.

ARPEL LIGHTING is also about shared passions.
Passion for the light in its ability to illuminate people and places. Passion for design that gives meaning to objects, spaces and uses. Passion for technology when it is not an end in itself but goes into the user’s service.

ARPEL LIGHTING publishes a range of LED lights at the junction of innovation and elegance. Far from the stereotypes and archetypes of traditional lighting, the family business since 2010, offers a range of high-end fixtures and resolutely singular. Each concept, each lamp sublimates the LED and create a functional, distinguished and connected source of light. Functional, since it is primarily to highlight our daily lives, our loved ones and our objects. Distinguished because, beyond their high performance and aesthetics, these fixtures are as discreet as timeless. Connected to its environment and its users in order to optimize its energy consumption and to ensure appropriate use in every life situation.

The ARPEL LIGHTING range is therefore the promise of an elegant and functional design that gives meaning to the lights and their uses.

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