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Flavia de Laubadère
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About Flavia de Laubadère

Craftperson of the idea

A cross between a cabinet of a thousand curiosities and an experimental decorative arts lab, the studio de Laubadère, tucked away in the 9th arrondissement of Paris immediately attracts the visitor’s attention.

The hideaway of Flavia, its founder, is like her: loquacious, joyful yet meticulous; quirky, eclectic yet organised. Work here is as passionate as it is intense. Unstoppable when it comes to talking about her work, this young interior designer graduated from Camondo school, and creator of Spin, smilingly admits her passion to craftsmanship that she constantly tries to shake codes: the very iconic series of Spin candles, shaped on a wood spinner (Designerbox edition), or its range of furniture crown which she ensures the production today.

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