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Les Arts Domestiques
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About Les Arts Domestiques


Les Arts Domestiques is first and foremost a long love story between Hélène, the designer and the textile world. Since childhood she has been attracted by old objects related to sewing, embroidery, textiles; she accumulates and collects them.

After studying cultural communication and spending 4 years in a theatre, Hélène started in 2016. It is a need to reconnect with crafts and the manual, to highlight so-called "domestic" activities that pushed him to start.
The Domestic Arts are trials, uncertainties, failures, small victories, big successes, coffee and many embroidery threads.

Hélène mainly creates accessories and jewellery embroidered entirely by hand in Strasbourg, her inspirations are diverse and come mainly from her daily life, from what surrounds her.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?
My favorite material is yarn! I embroider with different types of threads, cotton, pearl cotton, silk threads... I have a particular affection for all textile materials and also for everything that is old haberdashery, I find it magnificent!

What type of product do you design?
I mainly create jewellery, hand embroidered. It could be brooches, necklaces or earrings.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
It's just my daily routine! I had a period when I worked a lot around flowers that coincides with the layout of my new apartment where I worked a lot on the flowers.
a lot of gardening and growing a lot of flowers! It's also the travels I do, the exhibitions I go to see, I see a shape, patterns or moods I like and I'm going to work on them.

Has there been a person or event or other that has had a significant influence on your work / career?
There are many artists I particularly like: Joana Vasconcelos, Rieko Koga, Ghada Amer ... I like their relationship to textiles and yarns very much.

What is your typical day?
All my days start like everyone else with a good coffee! Usually my morning is reserved to answer emails or administrative things! And in the afternoon (and often evenings) are dedicated to creation. As everything is entirely handmade, it takes most of my time! The advantage is that my equipment doesn't take up much space and I can work from just about anywhere. Most activities can therefore take the particle - embroidery! We can make an aperitif and embroidery, an embroidery film, an embroidery train trip, an embroidery football match (very popular during the World Cup!)... it works in a lot of situations!


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