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Laure Kasiers
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About Laure Kasiers

Unique rugs created and crafted in Belgium

I made my first rugs when I was expecting my eldest son, about 12 years ago. I see a link: nesting, gestation, creation…

Before that, there was the fascination for textile and its manufacturing processes, and for rugs : their age-old and social culture, their warmth, their presence, accompanying us in our daily lives.

All my rugs are handmade in my studio. I focus on quality, durability, a voluntarily slow rhythm, limited series, and local production.

I use an alternative technique. My rugs aren’t woven, nor knitted, knotted or tufted. I assemble fringes (called “marabout”) in different ways, resulting in organic shapes and patterns reminiscent of nature, a microscopic or aerial view of earth or space. I like my creations to open the imagination.



What made you want to become a designer?

Creative and manual since always, for my higher studies my choice was first of all graphic design before finding my way in textile design. It was really there that I was able to satisfy my need to do with my hands, to build, to combine technique with creation. And the creation of finished objects (carpets, cushions) followed from there.

Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?

The textile of course! In particular, I am attracted to linen and wool. And if I was working on the non-textile object, I think I would like to work with wood or clay. In short, natural materials, rather raw, I think that's what moves me the most. Touch is particularly important to me.

What type of product do you design?

I create carpets and other textile objects. I imagine them, design them and manufacture them in my workshop in Brussels.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

I am always fascinated by the motifs of nature, as well as structures and textures in general.

The starting point for your creations? (the material, the form, a particular desire?)

In general, ideas come through the manipulation of matter, a form or a pattern that emerges from it. I have a permanent research around the notion of randomness in mechanical processes, and deformation, by movement or tension, for example.


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