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Scott Crawford
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About Scott Crawford

Instagram: @scttcrawford

Based in his home nation of Scotland, product and interior designer Scott Crawford is focused on delivering functional, yet minimally designed items for the contemporary home. A graduate of Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, he now has a studio in Glasgow where he designs and finishes all of his work by hand.


His primary sources of inspiration come from a variety of different styles. Scottish and Scandinavian architecture both features heavily, alongside minimalist and brutalist principles of design. Often objects can be overdesigned, so the idea of his objects is to negate the messy aesthetic that many contemporary products create. This is achieved by creating 3D forms which are first printed, allowing smooth surfaces and shapes with very few corners or edges to be achieved. He is inspired by traditional craft techniques and looks to utilise traditional principles alongside new technology in order to achieve products which are accurately manufactured, yet uniquely finished and with a handmade warmth to them. In terms of materials alongside this, warm toned ceramics, woods and metals are all used to create an inviting and clean colour palette that can fit into any home.


Moving forward he would like to begin to push the boundaries of what design in Scotland represents. Historically it has been a nation full of invention, however many of the stereotypes surrounding traditional design could be challenged, allowing a new wave of forward thinking design to flourish.

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