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White Cubes
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About White Cubes

W H I T E C U B E S | F A Y E T S A K A L I D E S

W H I T E C U B E S | F A Y E T S A K A L I D E S is a multidisciplinary company, a creative design office in London|UK & Athens|GREECE. 

Seeking to achieve beauty, elegance and minimalism on form Faye Tsakalides create pieces of furniture that break down the rules of ephemeral to form a well established language of avant-garde eternal design. 

Considering the creation of design as a philosophical and intellectual approach on form, they give us pieces that are characterized by tranquility, linearity, sculptural purity, not to forget its fragility and lightweightness.

White Cubes|Faye Tsakalides superimpose the intangible experience of emotions on the physical reality of objects, creating minimalism and transparency, that challenges the eclectic border between ‘’functional avant-garde Art’’ and ‘’sculptural long-lasting Design’’.

Faye Tsakalides, architect & designer, educated in Europe but with a universal outlook on aesthetics, plays on notions of modernity & purity, designing objects that reach out to all the five senses with a huge amount of poetic content.

Tackling design with a more sculptural sensitivity, she adjusts herself to every environment and client profile, creating micro-architecture and furniture projects with a high level of functionability and aesthetics.



R I T U A L S 2018 C O L L E C T I O N 

The emphasis on ''Rituals'' Collection 2018 is on our everyday Special moments. The ''ritual'' of serving food, the ''ritual''of enjoying a nice hot bath, the ''ritual'' of tranforming our own space in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere far from the noise, the ''ritual'' of creating and keeping our office table our own private inspiring place. The meaning is to surround ourselves with objects of an important value; that give meaning to the ''every'' moment of our lives, transforming our daily routines into meaningfull moments.In a world that runs in such a fast pace, ''Rituals'' collection invites us to slow down, breathe, revitalize ourselves with daily experieces, coming closer to our inner selfs.

Basic material is Marble.The collection embodies the supreme qualities of one of the world’s noblest and most ancient materials - the marble. Plus the wisdom of skilled craftmanship allied with design culture in the search for a genuine contemporary idiom.

The greek marble is truly an extraordinary stone. Evoking the great Greek civilization it continues to inspire this of the present. ''Home Rituals'' is a collection of handmade products with great attention to detail, for everyday use, suprising and contemporary which refer to an international culture.The collection conveys a feel of modernity while presenting the luxury gathered from nature and enhanced by human interpretation.

The Collection was launched in Index Dubai 2018, March 2018 and Salone del mobile, Milan April 2018

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