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Vanessa Mitrani
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About Vanessa Mitrani

From her mother, a laboratory researcher, Vanessa Mitrani inherited, in addition to a passion for animals, a love of experimentation and "doing". A student at ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) in furniture design, she willingly escapes from lectures to rub shoulders with craft techniques in workshops, particularly glass workshops. It was through "doing" that the designer fell into the glass, her great professional love story.


Since her first collection in 1998, Vanessa Mitrani has been a unqiue figure in the creation world. An expert of glass, she works it under many forms, she claims her designer status by signing consistent collections where each piece is unique as resulting from an unpredictable process.

Her work was built on experiment, proof of her singularity in a time where craft and design did not often meet. 

Vanessa Mitrani explores glass work during sometimes unexpected experiments. She blows glass in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Among her exeriments, her creations of restrained glass with metal have vecome one of her signatures. Her artistic projects are not only aesthetically beautiful, they also carry existentialist reflections feeding her productions.

Vanessa Mitrani's know-how, technical mastery and artistic sense open the doors of the Museem Of Decorative Arts to her in 2015, with eight of her emblematic pieces joining the permanent collections. She reminds that glass remains a living material, not to say fluid, which flexible characteristics communicate naturally with her approach to the creative act.


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