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Elise Fouin
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About Elise Fouin

Art and matter

In her curious practice, Elise Fouin is always ready to give concrete demonstrations.

How did she knead all her sources of inspiration to crystallize such a unique work?

She comes from the Franche Comté region where she grew up in a former monastery. She practices Fine Arts, painting, piano and dance. Here she is, in balance with the benefits of the earth and the desire to cultivate, between the to do and the spirit. She trained at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, first at the goldsmith's trade, then moved from manufacturing to design. A double formation, like a balance, to find her balance point. For her diploma in 2003, she took another step aside, successfully venturing into the use of paper, as a designer who gives herself the artist's freedom.

Because it is with her hands that this designer first gets to grips with the material. A lover of the unexpected, attentive to the behaviour of materials, she bets on an unexpected shaping. Factories are one of her favorite playgrounds, where she tracks falls and scraps. Paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric, and various plastics are his repentances. There are also preferences, for neglected, unexploited materials, but they bear no evidence of demonstrative reuse. They are transformed, thanks to reformulated typologies, combined with new technologies.

Since then, she has built her profession in different directions. This researcher, always on standby to feed her personal laboratory, experiments everything. Experienced in creating at different scales, she collaborates with brands, publishers and institutions.

The designer has more than one round of objects and scenographies in her boxes.

In all the projects it marks, there is play, lightness and mischief, with all the inherent design hold.

She unfolds a marabout of poetic strings where fragility and solidity meet. We will look more at Elise Fouin's work in her open and ingenious approach than in the narrowness of a style.


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