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Chan Wai Hon x Fabrica
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About Chan Wai Hon x Fabrica

Chan Wai Hon, winner of the Unboxed by Designerbox & Fabrica competition

A renowned Fabrica resident and graduate of the London College of Communication, the young graphic designer Chan Wai Hon, born in Hong Kong, is not just a vase but a poetic object for Designerbox.


From where was born "A Piece of a vase", the object created for Designerbox?

I like to reveal the hidden side of things. I love poetic harmony. I like the idea of playing on all aspects of paper. By playing on the association of the tonalities of the paper with the flowers, we create a form of harmony.


What brought you to graphics and design?

The deep meaning of things... The relationship between objects and people is what led me to become a designer. But I work mainly as a graphic designer. The drawings reflect my rational side.


You grew up in Hong Kong, what influence did this city have on your work?

Hong Kong is chaos, but from this chaos emanates a certain beauty. As a creator you have to work in a chaotic environment - you have to learn to balance your mind and step back in that environment. I really appreciate the chaos that reflects the importance of simple things. We are constantly busy and working fast. We live in a complex environment. I believe that design can contribute to improving society - culturally, artistically and philosophically.


What role has the Fabrica played in your creative journey?

My meetings at the Fabrica have led me to consider language as a communication tool and living in Italy allows me to continue to explore this aspect. La Fabrica, by its architecture, also convinces me to think that the simplest things often have the most impact. For example, the Fabrica library is an emblematic part of the building for me. I like to do research and meditate there. Its oval shape allows me to concentrate and nourish my creativity.


What inspires you the most?

A book, Ex-Formation of Kenya Hara, but I haven't finished it.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Stay angry and stay hungry. It really helps, because you have to finish your work as soon as possible.


What do you miss about your country of origin and what do you like about Italy?

I miss my mother tongue; Cantonese.  But I like Italian (ciao and sì).


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