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Not a book
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About Not a book

Notbooks refurbished from vintage books - Handcrafted in France.

What if a notebook could have a soul?

Founded in 2021 by stationery lovers who wanted to create "the best notebook in the world" both beautiful and ethical, not a book is a young brand that offers notebooks made from old book covers.

Leather binding and marbled paper, children's books or school manuals, romance and adventure novels, art deco illuminations ... Each book is unique, to give or to offer a small heritage treasure.

The creators recycle abandoned books and select the most beautiful ones, which are then transformed into notebooks with white pages in a binding workshop classified as "living heritage", in the center of France.

The result? Unique, upcycled, ethical notebooks, and even vintage ones: a certificate of guarantee indicates the date of publication of the book that has been transformed. And some of them date back to the end of the 18th century!

The paper used inside the notebooks is 100% recycled and can be used for writing and drawing.

Distributed in concept stores, museums, and the most beautiful stationery stores in France, the brand is taking its first steps internationally, starting with Canada, the country of adoption of the two creators.

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