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Emmanuel Hugnot
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About Emmanuel Hugnot

Between design and digital craftsmanship.

Emmanuel Hugnot is a young designer with a master’s degree in Common Design at ÉSAD d'Orléans (École Supérieure d'Art et de Design). For several years he has specialized in the practice of a digital artisan, combining traditional know-how (such as cabinetry or ceramics) with digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing. His training in object design combined with technical know-how, allows him to explore these creative processes while projecting them into finished objects.
Machine tool manufacturing is what allows it to freely explore digital manufacturing techniques, and thus create its own creative processes according to its specific needs.

In an effort to open the technical processes Emmanuel Hugnot builds his own tools (hardware and software) adapted to the specific needs of artists' projects, designers or amateurs, he also works with school groups, Amateurs and interested parties to introduce them to the digital manufacturing processes.

Having an attraction for technique and cultivating a taste for ceramic material, it is naturally that Emmanuel Hugnot embarked on an adventure as a digital designer/artisan. It is thanks to the design and manufacture of ceramic 3D printing machine that Emmanuel passionately produces utilitarian stoneware objects, such as cups, vases or other containers. It is also in a desire to spread the technique that Emmanuel projects his research into finite objects.

Sensitive to ethical and environmental issues, Emmanuel Hugnot has developed a process of creating using digital tools while working with traditional materials such as ceramics, making it possible to produce very little research and production waste. 

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