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To from
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About To from

We are a small Barcelona based brand and produce handmade scented soy wax candles, celebrating colourful nature, wanderlust and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Since its launch in 2017, our brand has been recognised locally and internationally for its playful bold style and its collaboration with other Barcelona based artisans.

The story of to:from began in Summer 2016 when its founder, Agni, and her family moved to Barcelona, and instantly fell in love with the city. In just a few years they were completely immersed in the local lifestyle. Life in the Mediterranean inspired Agni to pursue her own creative project. After many hours of trial and error, Agni finally found her recipe to make candles that her customers would enjoy and the brand to:from was born.


Where do you make your products?

In our small studio based in the Farró neighborhood in Barcelona. We love it there for its positive vibes, friendliness of our neighbors, and the way it inspires us every day, in a way that's hard to put into words.

The object you created that you are most proud of and why?

Probably the first ever candle I made and was finally happy with. It took me months to find the perfect recipe. It was a peach scented candle and it turned out to be amazing. We still sell the product in our shop and it always brings me back to the times when To:from was taking off. 

The starting point of your creations? 

Normally, I first come up with a theme for a collection and then start thinking about the visual aspects of it. Once I design the packaging, I match the fragrances to the visuals. I realise it's a bit of a backwards way of designing products, but it has always worked well for me. To:from products are deeply inspired by a love of travel, colours and Mediterranean nature and lifestyle. I also love listening to indie bands while I work, it keeps me in the flow.

How is your product sustainable?

All of our products are vegan, made from natural wax (soy or beeswax) and locally handcrafted in our studio.

What is your typical day like?

My husband and I keep ourselves very busy, always on the go - running a business, bringing up three children, studying and everything else in between. I normally spend my mornings with my children. We go to the beach, shop, cook or are creative together. In the afternoon I go to my studio and start my work day. I make candles and coordinate sales. It’s my ‘me time’ and I love it. In the evening we get back together as a family around the dinner table and sort all the life admin when the kids are asleep. Sometimes it is madness but I probably couldn't be without it as it also gives me a lot of energy.

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