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Alto Duo is a family business launched by a brother and a sister from the South of France. They love colors, and having fun. They are very enthusiastic and they want to create happy atmosphere at home.


Our story begins in the 1990s, in their family vineyard located in Périgord (South of France). Among four children, Mayeul et Paloma, spend afternoons playing with Lego game and drawing everywhere on the walls of the house. In this calm countryside environment, they developed their first projects and ideas. They build little objects with wood and whatever they could find in the forest.

What an adventure!

The kids grew up, Mayeul became a designer  and Paloma a textile designer. After their studies, they finally decided to come back to they beloved countryside to enjoy nature, colors, sun and landscapes. Together, they laughed Alto Duo, a brand that designs objets made in France (in their home region: Périgord, and in the Vosges region).


Mayeul and Paloma build themselves all the prototypes. They use the wood from local trees and build the furnitures in their workshop. When they are satisfied by their creation, they work closely with local manufactures to develop their designs. Currently, all the furnitures are made in Périgord (South West of France) and the home linen in the Vosges region (North East of France).

Imagine, design, have fun.

Both of them have very creative minds. Mayeul has plenty of ideas, he likes to develop new kind of objects, invent new volumes, think differently spaces. Mayeul is a designer. Paloma is enthousiatic. She loves colours and light. Paloma is a drawer.



Designing wood furniture is above all knowing well the material. Indeed, wood is a complex and fascinating material that can become hard to work with if not fully understood. Wood is a natural and living material, thus it has imperfections but also is always unique. Wood working is a long process that takes the best of each piece of wood, despite its imperfections and thanks to its uniqueness.
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