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About Jacobsroom

Bespoke and Limited Editions

Jacobsroom was founded in 2017 by Kathrin Charlotte Bohr to create one-of-a-kind objects, limited editions, and interior design systems. The collections are an extrapolation of the creative thought of the designer who trained between France, Germany, and Italy, and for whom aesthetic rigor, poetry, and responsible material selection are characteristic in her production.

All collections are created by fine craftsmen, all masters in their chosen materials and able to transmit through their work how the past is needed for a vision projected towards the future.
Each object is born under the sign of evolution; in an interstice between the significance that the object conveys today in its chosen ambiance, and the promise of durability and a capacity to transmit its essence: to be faster than time itself.

At the age of ten I was confronted with Tchernobyl. I remember the days after the disaster. My mom picked us up from school and protected my brother and me with huge umbrellas from the falling rain shouting at us to pay attention. I was a raindrop-eating child, I loved to run free through the rain and to become one with the wonderful fall of water.

During adolescence, environmental themes like dying forests were deeply touching me. I was worried with every tree that seemed not to be in perfect health and became the “Greenpeace Girl” at school who wrote passionate articles in the school magazine.
Today, my leading precept is based on the etymology of “decor” (from the Latin decoro/decus) meaning "ornament", but also "honor, dignity".

For me, every object/decor has an intrinsic responsibility, it carries a virtue: to respect the source from which it takes its origin, is this a tree, water, or any other resource we take from.
Today we already use twice more resources than the Earth's capacity for biological regeneration. If we still want to create beautiful things for our homes, then it has to be linked to a consistent questioning of what materials to use: coloring, lacquering, glues, primary materials. This is a central concern at the heart of Jacobsroom. Disused cardboard is an everyday object close to my heart as I love cutting shapes and realising models of my ideas.

We propose limited editions and unique bespoke objects with great attention to detail and technical perfection. We only produce single items made to order, so we select very skilled artisans. We want the maximum aesthetic result in terms of originality and “technical intelligence”, which means long and concentrated work on prototyping for every design.

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