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About Metallodolce

Giulio Parini

Created in 2017 by designer Giulio Parini after meeting an Italian craftsman specialising in thin-walled precious metal work, Metallodolce offers a range of objects and lampshades delivered flat as light as paper origami but as durable as metal.

As is often the case in design, the material is the starting point for the entire creative process. The designer will push him to his extremes in order to find the perfect balance between a quantity of material and his formal and functional objective. This is also a more responsible way of doing things, which not only reduces the volume of material used but also the negative environmental impact of production.At Metallodolce, the metal is reduced to its minimum thickness before being cut. Here we are talking in tenths of a millimetre: the thickness is linked both to the pattern of the cut (which tends to soften the material) and to what is expected of it. A certain rigidity, flexibility, bending....


METALLODOLCE, a matter of grams


Just a few grams of material are needed to create the Metallo Dolce light-shades. The bronze and brass sheets are flexible and ultra-thin. Their thickness is reduced to a tenth of a millimeter, equivalent to a paper sheet, nothing more!

As featherweight as origami but as durable as metal, Metallo Dolce’s light-shades are the result of an ongoing research that plays with the limits of the material’s properties in order to generate unique and unexpected forms.

We believe in responsible design, which not only reduces the quantity of material used but also reduces the negative environmental impact of the product’s production, distribution, and sale. In fact, thanks to the material’s elasticity, Metallo Dolce’s light-shades are sold in a flat packaging (envelops) into which they are ready to be slipped directly after coming out of the cutting machine. Then, they can be sent throughout the World just like a regular letter. The production cycle is rationalized and scaled down to the minimum effort.

The research is endless, new products and solutions are in work in progress. We believe there will always be room for the unexpected.


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