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Thierry D'Istria
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About Thierry D'Istria

Son of an engineer fond of architecture, Thierry d'Istria grew up in the 70s in an atmosphere
turned towards art and graphic design. After a school of industrial design, Thierry d'Istria, in search of independence, quickly founded his own agency specialized in large-scale for hotels such as Novotel, stores and restaurants. In parallel, the designer conceives besides his own furniture by drawing cheerfully references in the universes which built him artistically. Narrative without being demonstrative, the designer's "wink" pieces willingly pay tribute to the memories that inhabit and stimulate to the memories that inhabit and stimulate his imagination since childhood. His
Endless summer sofa published by Soca, for example, subtly refers to his surfing years while his Multiverse suspension, takes the aesthetic codes of the 70s while 70's aesthetic codes while being inspired by the theory of parallel worlds.

In 2021, Thierry D'Istria signs for the 84th Designerbox his Babylon Babies pots, discover his interview for the Box PLUS DE VERT ! 

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