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About Piama

Le design tranquille

Piama was created by two enthusiastic designers : Lucie and Julien.

In the shade of pine trees, midst fig and salt fragrancies, Piama, a brand that reflects the values of the Mediterranean, was born. Generosity, warmth and calm are our heritage. Our challenge is now to design and manufacture simple, sustainable, local and functional products.

Our duo is inspired by Mediterranean forms, its warm colours, culture and philosophy of life. We are fervent admirers of our landscape and spirited by our career of design.

Let’s breathe easy, tranquil design is here.

What made you want to become a designer?

Curiosity and the desire to bring shapes and colours to life. I always wondered why a
product was made this way and not otherwise. Why could two products with the same functionality be different? After all, what is more beautiful than a product which functions properly?

What type of product do you design?

We design simple products, but which have various functions. What we like is to play with the multiple nature of the item. It’s our way of making ageless and useful objects. If one of the functions is no longer useful, then just find another utility!

How would you sum up your approach to design? What are your inspirations?

Design is a tool. It enables you to write a story about an object. It adds a function, a form, an emotion and even some ideals. We are inspired by everyday life, our history and our heritage. This is why the Mediterranean is anchored in each and every one of our projects.

The starting point of your creations? (the material, the shape, a specific desire?)

It all starts by an observation. This leads to a need, a question or a problem to which we attempt to find an appropriate answer. The function comes first, then the format.

Where do you make your products?

Our products are made in France. When we can, we prefer to manufacture in our region : Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Our trinket bowl is made by a ceramist in Vallauris (the town of a hundred potteries) close to Nice.

A quote to share?

“The details are not the details, the details make the product.”

Charles and Ray Eames

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