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Wild Studio
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About Wild Studio

Sustainable Multifunctional Design

Wild Studio is a Copenhagen based design studio creating poetic and sustainable design for children and adults. Our design is universal and multifunctional. Sustainability, function and aesthetics are equally considered throughout the whole process. The production chain is local and we use mainly upcycled and recycled materials. Wild Studio adds color and playfulness to our surroundings while offering an environmentally sustainable alternative. We work constantly toward better solutions.

The products are made of 100% plastic waste from household products and industry. We use only one type of plastic, polyethylene, which means that it is recyclable as well as recycled. In fact the Moon Collection can be recast into new products up to seven times. The material has a smooth surface, which makes it easy to clean and pleasant to touch. It is robust, weather resistant and therefore perfectly suited to use in outdoor spaces. Because of the production method each piece is unique. We do not add extra color to the designs, so the “raw materials” are always apparent. This way, our design reminds us that everything on the planet has value.

Rosa Nøss Bendixen graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. She is the designer and owner of Wild Studio. Her approach is playful, investigative and intuitive. The emotions and imaginations that the places we live, work or play create in us, is the key to her work. Her design is classic and simple, yet it makes your mind wander. 

Moon Collection is inspired by one of the small wonders of the universe. Without the moon, the earth has no balance. It would spin without direction. The moon symbolizes the feminine power and the ability to grow and change.

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