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about Julien van Hassel. 

Julien van Hassel is a self-taught industrial designer and founder of ignore. Before he founded the company, Julien often noticed different furniture brands to show many similarities; there seemed to be a general lack of design creativity. By starting his own company he initiated a different approach, attracting a new audience with his own unique style. Together with an expanding group of Dutch designers he now spends time working on a collection of refreshingly minimalistic furniture items.

Being responsible for the first design, the show vase. Julien now focuses primarily on communicating the results of his collaboration with these Dutch talents, so they can do what they do best and create new additions to the rapidly growing ignore collection.


about ignore. 

ignore is an Amsterdam based design studio that avoids the ordinary and seeks new ways to create objects that stand out from the crowd. We look for unique approaches to common design questions by stripping every product to its essence. These methods result in a collection that turns a blind eye to trends and can be clearly distinguished by its minimalistic, wayward character. 

Being founded and established in The Netherlands, ignore proudly endorses Dutch design by working together with talented and renowned Dutch designers that share our philosophy. By producing and assembling our furniture locally as much as possible we ensure high quality standards.


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