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Maison Lacker
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About Maison Lacker

Designer of wooden objects in the Jura

It is in the heart of her native Jura that Margot Lacker imagines, designs and manufactures wooden objects that reflect the beauty of the material as well as ethics and values. Trained in cabinet making and art turning, it was at a young age that her favourite material was wood. Its grain and shape are the inspiration for the design of each model. The contours of the object must then be drawn with chalk before being sawn and carved to give it life. 

"Each wooden creation takes shape in my hands, there is a constant exchange between the idea I have and what the material allows or not. "

This allows him to create singular, functional, authentic and unique objects.

Being so close to Nature, it is obvious for her to respect her work tool, the trees, the wood. For her creations, she uses local woods such as oak, beech, maple, walnut or plane tree. The sawmills are located in the vicinity of the workshop and each log of wood is PEFC certified. She chooses to give priority to pieces of wood that the industrialists cannot use because they are too small, too gnarled or not much in demand. In her opinion, this is a way of not wasting trees that have been cut down.

Wooden creations designed for everyday use with an aesthetic approach, designed to last over time.

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