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Following her studies in communication, during which Myriam Blasco is particularly interested in the Restoration of ancient books and manuscripts, she also studied drawing and plastic arts, which she has loved since childhood. Her first memories of drawing go back to her early childhood when everything was a pretext to draw... on paper, on the ground with a stick. At the age of five, she drew her first drawing on the ground, under the amused gaze of her father in front of the family home in Castile.

In order to develop and discover other artistic horizons, Myriam practises sculpture and modelling and has recently been able to practise alongside a master glassmaker. Other projects are close to her heart, such as jewellery.

In 2019, Myriam embarks on the adventure of entrepreneurship and founds her company, Helado Design. She imagines a French and environmentally friendly design and draws her inspiration from a conception of design that abandons the superfluous in favour of functionality. Just as in nature, only the essential remains necessary. This philosophy guides her not only in the design of objects but also in their manufacture, packaging, shipping, recycling and of course their use.


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