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About Ripaton

Imagine and create your furniture with our steel table legs and our durable and creative furniture.

Five years ago, we decided to create the first French brand of table legs, and above all to live a responsible, sustainable and committed entrepreneurial adventure.

From the start, we were convinced of one thing: our company was not just a company! It would carry our convictions and values loud and clear, and contribute to our mission: 

To create furniture that is

At a fair price
Without intermediaries
With a strong interest in the well-being of our employees and all the partners who contribute to this adventure.

Our daily challenge: Free the creativity of each person by offering sustainable, French and modular products.

Eager to offer quality and local products, we are launching the manufacture of several models of steel legs and supports in our workshop located in Montpellier. We propose to build, together, a fairer and more sustainable model of sharing to build a better world. 

Thus we favour short circuits, our cardboards are made from recycled paper, we work with a Centre d'Aide par le Travail for the bagging of small accessories and we are 100% powered by green energy.

Customise - Create - Renovate
These are the three words that sum up the Ripaton concept. We manufacture table bases and other supports in steel and wood.
All you need is a few screws and it's done: coffee tables, consoles, sofas, bathroom furniture, the only limit is your imagination! 

Our products are solid and original, using solid steel and solid French wood.


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