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About AKARA.

Jewellery and scented candles, a minimalist and responsible approach.

The origin of the word AKARA, comes from the name of a lake in Tajikistan (Lake Kara-Kul, which means black lake), I loved the name Kara and added an A to it, but it's not just an aesthetic reason. For me the lake represents what I want to convey with AKARA, a simple and uncluttered place, a place where one could stay for hours just to contemplate.

Who is AKARA?
I am a young woman of 25 years old, and my name is Audrey. I created AKARA because I am an eternal anxious person. Anxious about everything, all the time. Candles are for me one of the best ways to escape from everyday life, as if time stood still... Watching the flame flicker gently, inhaling the scents that come out of it... But I needed a way to bring this moment that stops with me. And what better than a piece of jewellery to respond to this problem!

A minimalist & responsible approach
AKARA. is a brand of waxed creations (candles & candle-jewellery) that is minimalist, pure, simple. I wanted to offer you to spend a pleasant moment, which lasts in time. That you can look at your jewellery at any time of the day to remind you that everything is going well. A reassuring point of reference. Minimalism in all its splendour, with simple, unadorned colours and lines. Getting as close as possible to the aesthetically beautiful. Noble materials, but not only that.

An eco-responsible approach behind the concept of AKARA jewellery and scented candles. It was indeed essential for me to imagine this brand without thinking about the future of our planet Earth. So much so that all of the raw materials and packaging were designed to perfectly match this approach. The attention to eco-responsible detail is very important to me. I hope it touches you as much as it does me.

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