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Our history
1. What made you want to become a designer?

An interior decorator for 10 years, Isabelle Le Trung is also head of the Isabelle Le Trung Studio agency. Anxious to bring her inspirations to life through creation, she founded her brand Unum Design two years ago.

2. How would you sum up your approach to design? What are your inspirations?

Each collection is the fruit of a memory, a journey, a moment in life that the designer wanted to share with her clients. Originally from Reunion Island, Isabelle Le Trung has put the poetry and colours of her island at the service of Unum Design.

3. Do you have a favourite material? If so, which one?

The Paille-en-Queue collection in wickerwork is a nod to her grandmother's Creole armchair. It is the brand's signature material.

The sparkling reinforcement of his children, Camille and Julien, at the end of 2020 opened a new chapter in the history of Unum Design. 

It brings freshness, youth and dynamism to the brand. A truly family adventure also punctuated by unique capsule collections that tell new stories through forgotten design objects. All this in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our commitments
4. Are you sensitive to ethical and environmental issues?

More than a brand, Unum Design stands out for its creations as well as for its authentic philosophy.

5. Where do you make your products?

From its conception to its realization, Unum Design surrounds itself with local and French craftsmen for a quality handcrafted production. The team has made it a point of honour for the workshops to be located in France, in Normandy, in the Orne region. A choice which is also valid for the partners and collaborations, essentially French. Unum Design strives to bring craftsmanship to life through short manufacturing circuits in isolated French territories. This local manufacturing is a real asset, from every point of view: superior product quality, easier communication and exchanges with the designer, but also simplified logistics both for manufacturing and delivery times.

An artisanal know-how
In order to offer a unique and quality product, the manufacturing process is artisanal and not industrial. The Unum Design team has developed a rare and precious know-how in working with natural materials. The strength of craftsmanship is truly this extra soul brought by professionals during the manufacture of the creations. Hand-made is also the love of beautiful materials, details and objects.

Natural materials
Unum Design carefully selects its fabrics, paints, but also cardboard and tools so that they are in line with its values. Natural materials, as well as the development of French craftsmanship, thus honour our regions and made in France.

The quality
Unum Design makes every effort to offer products of the highest quality. From design to the choice of materials, through manufacturing and packaging, the brand has thought its production through, offering its customers the best value for money. Investing in a Unum Design piece means acquiring a timeless product over the long term. 

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