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Margaux Keller
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About Margaux Keller

From Marseille with love

Born in Marseille, she studied design at the Ecole Boulle before working with the the greatest. In 2012 she set up her eponymous studio in Marseille.

There ensued prominent collaborations with firms including Habitat, Roche Bobois, Bibelo, La Chaise Française and, either creating objects and furniture for them or acting as artistic director, and with brands such as Cartier, YSL and Dior, for whom she designed perfume bottles.

Meeting Anaïs Fretigny, another confirmed Marseillaise, was a turning point. Fretigny encouraged her to go into business with her, and their brand, Margaux Keller Collections, was launched by the two young women in 2019. Its pieces shine a light on the nobility of the materials worked on by local artisans, together forming narrative collections largely inspired by the culture of the Midi.

‘Vue mer’, ‘Mistral Noir’ and ‘Pin Parasols’ draw on the designer’s most meaningful memories to honour archetypal forms drawn from objects or from landscapes that played a large role in her childhood. From the Piou wine carafe, designed with the help of a local sommelier and revisiting the traditional beaked carafes that her grandmother loved to use at the table, to the Parasols glasses that form a stylish hybrid of run-of-the-mill water glasses and the sophisticated champagne coupes of the Années Folles, Margaux Keller Collections – through colours and/or subtle curves – revive classics of yesteryear by adding an unexpected dose of soul that raises them to the 

rank of must-haves in contemporary interiors.

While waiting to launch her own home scent next January, Margaux Keller continues to enchant diners by creating a first-rate peppermill.

In 2020 for Designer Box N°81 de Designer Box she conceve the Royal Twist Peppergrinder. The Royal Twist is a new interpretation of the classic peppergrinder a usefull sculpture for your dinning table.

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