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much more than things

livingthings is a publishing house devoted to people who are responsive to objects. People who usually pay attention to small things: gestures, gazes, lights, scents, sounds, objects. People who have their own way of looking and seeing, who like to live amidst stimulating sensations and create unique atmospheres, singular personal spaces of their own. People of an emotional depth that can on occasion prove catching … and we are fortunate enough to have caught on!

Livingthings aspires to arouse emotions, to encourage and suggest, trigger sensations, elicit feelings, reflections and smiles. And we hope do so through objects that are endearing because they exude the thrill of their creation, pieces that have an inspiring quality and that, like everything created with care and respect, convey the radiance of attention.

Livingthings are objects that speak. They speak of beauty, proportion, brightness and rhythm; they speak of sensitivity and experimentation, of culture, boldness, humour and magic; they speak of ideas and concepts, of ways of thinking and ways of living.Above all else, however, livingthings speak of their owners.


We are Sandra Compte & Xavier Mora, designers & founders of BAG Disseny Studio since 2002. We have developed design projects between Barcelona, ​​Andorra and Girona. Three cities that are the initials of the name of our studio, but also show the local focus that we wanted to transfer to our work.

Understanding design as a powerful tool to change the perception of things, in complete aspiration to make a better world.

We believe in the possibility of changing the world based on each person’s individual decisions. Because this is where the person's most intimate freedom and at the same time the greatest responsibility lies.

In 2015, we embarked on editing our ideas, at least, one of many in that book of ideas to pursue.

Giving ourselves the freedom to give time to ideas, to conceive, train, polish and satisfy that personal need to do things differently, .. and we put people first, .. that’s how livingthings borns.

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