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Flora Koel
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About Flora Koel

Where I am, I produce

Flora Koel leaves the office and settles down in contact with plants and trees to make her objets. By using local materials, this designer inserts her works into the time of the space she occupies for a moment. (...) "Returning to a wilderness, without suppressing technology, is a concrete preoccupation which consists in not going backwards, but moving forward in another direction to re-invent life and work", she says to affirm her willingness to work outside with local resources.
Her immersion in nature has led her to rethink her profession as a designer.
Flora experiments her creation on the scale of the environment (...), she invites us to pay attention to the fragility of natural materials, their potential and their uses, which she diverts. Written by Pauline Lisowski, art critic

Imagining an autonomous practice leads to a wilder, freer creation that detaches itself from mass industry and puts the producer and receiver in a responsible position.

After my studies, in 2017, I left for a year in the Netherlands, in the north of Amsterdam in Zunderdorp. Today, I've been living in Paris for two years and I'm a freelance designer. Having a lack of Nature, I adapt and question the resources of a city by working with waste on certain projects in order to make the most of them in a circular design logic.

What made you want to become a designer?
As a child, I was already very interested in the materials that surrounded me and I asked myself a lot of questions: where does wood come from? How does it transform into a chair? How is a bridge in the water made? Where does metal come from? As I grew up, it was obvious to me to continue in this direction and to answer all these questions by becoming a designer.

Do you have a favourite material? If so, which one?
Anything, as long as I'm the one who picks it up from nature, making sure I don't disturb her by taking it :)

How would you sum up your approach to design? What are your inspirations?
Free and responsible design. I am inspired by local materials, natural resources that are found in abundance in a place, objects from my everyday life and I look for a way to create a clever object that associates itself with the territory.

Are you sensitive to ethical and environmental issues?
For me, nature is the basis of everything. Collaborating with it by making objects is very important in order to reduce my impact.

How do you apply it to your creations (certifications, labels, recycling, ...)?
I work with materials collected from nature, for example for the OLA Ottomans, we borrow sand on the beach for a day to fill them up and then they are made in Pais from recycled plastic (boat tarpaulin, advertising...) to implement a Circular Design logic.

Where do you make your products?
"Where I am, I produce " Most of my products are limited series, made in France, on the spot where the natural resource is located to limit the transport of materials. They are sometimes finished in the workshop, but only the material needed to make the object has been harvested.

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