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Our capsule collection showcases a range of timeless and minimalist products which are available in various colours and materials. All readily adaptable for hospitality or residential use. With a focus on quality, our design team likes to combine natural materials with carefully selected colour palette, when put together enhance the inherent beauty of each element.

Crafted Modernism characterises our approach to the design and manufacture of products through their clean aesthetic, functionality and customisation. Through exploring and mixing modern manufacturing processes with traditional hand crafted techniques and finishes. Our designs are made by specialist independent workshops across the UK and Europe. The assembly, customisation and hand finishing details are meticulously completed at our workshop in Norfolk. Giving us the scope to supply products to our high expectations and standards.


DB - What made you want to become a designer?

NW - The love for beautiful and well finished products.

DB - How would you summarize your approach to design, what are your
inspirations ? 

NW - We are inspired by the clean lines of scandinavian design, and by the simple beauty of materials. We create designs which are timeless, minimalist and well made.

DB - Are you sensitive to ethics and environmental issues? 

NW - Yes, we are sensitive to environmental and ethic issues. To keep our carbon footprint reasonable we manufacture as locally as possible (which also gives us the guarantee of ethical work conditions and pay), and we make a big part of our products in our workshop. We use natural materials responsibly sourced. We keep our wastes small by recycling as much material as possible. And we work with second hand machines.

DB - A maxim, a saying to share?

NW - One step at the time. It is our saying for our business and also to each other as a couple.

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