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About Blaq&Co

Blaq&Co - Creativity and Character

Blaq&Co is a family project, a philosophy, a universe that develops between friendships and demands, delirium and professionalism, second and fourth degree, between the desire to take futile things seriously and to make futile, people who take themselves too seriously.

Your Blaq&Co furniture is also a design, raw and pure. 

At Blaq&Co we like elegant objects, with slender silhouettes, whose visual aspect must remain intelligible and whose movements are discreet.

Appreciating the contrast between the silkiness of wood and the finesse of steel, two dense and therefore heavy materials, we try to combine solidity, visual lightness and elegance. We avoid the heavy side to the eye, strong but sometimes indigestible.

Our very graphic designs, with harmonious, direct lines, follow our current state of mind to give warmth and functionality to our furniture.

A coffee table will be sturdy, stable and easy to maintain. An elegant and welcoming desk. A solid and practical planter.

This is how we think about our future creations, adapting to each object to take into account its function, its presence in the space, its daily use. These questions - why? how? for whom? is it possible to? are we capable of?.... set the rhythm of our timetable.

Our products:


  • Three ply solid Oak, for its beauty, its timeless charm and its resistance to wear and tear.
  • Beech plywood, for its dynamic appearance and high strength.
  • Valchromat for its different colours and all its technical advantages.

Wood treatment: all our trays are treated with Rubio Monocoat oil, which comes from our Belgian neighbours, a surprisingly effective single-layer oil. These Rubio Monocoat oils use molecular bonding technology, are water and solvent-free and contain 0% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for healthy indoor air as soon as they are applied.

Steel: a 100% recyclable material that can be reused indefinitely. Steel is an environmentally neutral material and the new coatings that are being developed today tend to be more and more respectful of the environment.

Painting: we use Axalta powder paints. These are organic coatings, usually thermosetting, 100% solid.  Unlike all other coating technologies, the use of powder paints does not require any solvents. All their products are of course TGIC and heavy metal free and do not contain any harmful volatile materials.

Our commitment :

We can no longer afford to live at 300 per hour. Development at all costs, volume despite quality, high efficiency, always more, always better, all this is all very well but we still have to master all these aspects. What we at Blaq&Co want is to create furniture in France, with local labour and sustainable materials, so that in 3, 10, 100 years from now the furniture in question will still be standing. Used, of course, with pocs and scratches, witnesses of the passage of time, but not to the point of crumbling, dislocating, dismantling, crumbling.... as is too often the case with furniture at lower costs, made on the other side of the world. But which is better: buying once a piece of quality furniture or a thousand times a piece of mediocre furniture that can be changed every three years? We'll ask you the question and let you do the calculation....

What's more, buying French is more environmentally friendly. Does the furniture have to travel around the world several times before arriving on our doorstep to realise that it is not a solution for the future? You should know that we have been supporting the Eco-furniture sector since our beginnings, it is very important to us.

Conclusion :

Let's stop the waste, the "I buy/throw away". Let's dare to see far ahead, objects should last as before, with furniture that is passed on from one generation to the next, leaving memories. And this in spite of the fashionable look, the "in", the "naze", the "fashionable yes, but of what year?

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