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About Garug

Carpets hand woven in Brussels

GARUG is the collaborative work, founded at the end of summer 2018 by Corentine Jaunard and Maxime Demeire. 

Realized according to cardboards made of collages of cut out papers, our carpets are everyday objects. Each carpet is unique, by its shapes and colors. They are woven with a quality wool from France expressly spun for the confection of carpets. The colored wool can present nuances since each dye bath is different. The Garug carpets are woven entirely by hand, without the intervention of machine. Each of their imperfections make them even more beautiful.


Our carpets are made on a high-smooth loom that we made ourselves and fixed in our garage in Brussels. Thus, we weave vertically, without the help of mechanical equipment, guaranteeing a completely handmade product.

The warp yarn is the backbone of the carpet. It is almost invisible unlike the weft thread. Indeed, the bangs are the warp threads. The warp is made of cotton threads from a century-old Brussels rope factory. The weft is made of woollen threads coming from a French spinning mill with a know-how also centenary.

The cardboard is the drawing which is used as a guide during the weaving. Each cardboard is unique, made from collage of cut out papers that we make collaboratively, as well as the choice of colors.

To make a square meter, we need an average of forty-four hours of weaving.

Each carpet is lined with a fabric and is reinforced with a grosgrain, a thick woven strip whose function is to ensure maximum hold and longevity to the carpet.

At the back, you will find two labels, also handmade: one with the name of our brand and the other with the first name of the carpet chosen from the ephemerides of the first day of weaving.


Garug is a durable, timeless and characterful rug made in a Brussels garage, to the rhythm of four hands.

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