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Valentin Lebigot
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About Valentin Lebigot

Multidisciplinary freelance designer based in Paris, France, my production is oriented as much on the object as on the graphic design.

Curious to use different mediums, I imagine design as an exploratory game where creativity and sincerity are the key words of my approach.

I believe that a design project is not only about its material finality, but also about the human and intellectual development set up throughout the creative process. 


What type of products do you design ?

My practice is oriented around 3D printing using bio-plastics. I have a colorful graphic universe that complements my production as a product designer. I also print digital graphic prints on recycled paper.


Are you sensitive to ethics and environmental issues?

For me, it is necessary today to involve sustainable development at the center of my approach as a designer. This is why 3D printing is a way to make design affordable, ethical and responsible by using bio-plastics such as PLA in my production.  


Where do you make your products?

Everything is designed on site in my studio in Paris. I make sure that I keep all the scraps and failed prints so that they can be recycled and re-injected into other projects.


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