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Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte
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About Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

A young Franco-Belgian designer, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte loudly claims his belonging to the Brussels design scene. It was also in the Belgian capital that the designerbox teams were able to get to know him, through MAD BRUSSELS. "Warm, effervescent, human", the city, of which he never ceases to extol the merits, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for this young prolific designer.

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte studied industrial design at La Cambre, embracing the requirements and extremely precise techniques of mass production, but his vocation goes back much further: it is in childhood that we find the first expression of his pronounced taste for manufacturing… “My grandfather took us to the sea and we tinkered with him small mills that we planted in paths in the sand to make them turn, it is surely from him that I inherited this desire to do! "

The creations of Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte all have in common that they offer new uses that differ from conventionally expected functionalities, and thus respond to needs that are more sensitive and emotional than purely practical, while opening up the field of possibilities to users.

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