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Serena Confalonieri
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About Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri (1980) is a designer and art director based in Milano. She works on product, graphic and textile design projects and collaborates with many italian and international companies.Her works are placed in-between product and graphic design: an accurate research on the surfaces is always present in her projects. After a Master Degree in Interior Design, she started her career working in many architecture and design practices in Milano, Barcelona and Berlin, and collaborating with the Interior Design Faculty of Politecnico di Milano as assistant professor. In 2013 she makes her debut at Milano Design Week with her Flamingo rug, produced by Nodus.During the years she’s been selected for design residencies and workshops in Italy and abroad (New York, Mexico, Portugal), her works have been published by important newspapers and magazines (The New York Times, Corriere della Sera, Il sole 24 ore, Wallpaper, Interni, Ottagono, L’Officiel, Elle Décor…), she won prizes such as a Special Mention at the Young&Design Awards 2014 and at the German Design Awards 2016 and her works have been exhibited in important locations such as La Triennale di Milano and Rossana Orlandi gallery.

What type of products do you design?

I design objects people could easily simphatize and get attached to, I want them to be warm and capable to generate feelings. We are now overwhelmed by a big number of objects that we think we need in our everyday life. I design keeping in my heart Achille Castiglioni ‘s words: “Objects should keep us company”.

Where do you make your products?

All of my products are made by skilled artisans in Italy. I think craftmanship is now disappearing for many economic reason and lack of culture, but also because, in many cases, artisanry hasn’t been able to transform itself and follow contemporary art, design and trends.So I’m just trying to give a new shape to traditional techniques: stained glass, glass fusion, marquetry… in order let these techniques to be appreciated by a larger and younger audience.

Which profession would you have turned to if you were not a designer? I'd wish a drum player or a tennis player.

Has there been a person, event or something that had a significant influence on your work / career?

I think this person it's me: I started doing well when I realized I actually could make it.

A maxim, a saying to share? If you don't try you'll never know!

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