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Daniel Becker
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About Daniel Becker

Unique high-quality lighting, Handmade in Germany

We are a Berlin-based design studio for unique, high-quality lighting handmade in Germany.

We design expressive yet minimal pieces with a focus on details. We are proud of creating products with a strong character, crafted for beautiful interiors and spaces, meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen. 

Our design process is driven by the use of contemporary technologies combined with traditional crafts. Archetypes and typologies are often a starting point and the theme of modularity is also an important aspect of our work. We favour the use of metals - steel, brass, aluminum, copper - and are fond of their natural colours. Using metals also allows us to work with exquisite finishes, ranging from polishing, anodising, powder coating or wet painting. 

Exclusively using LED technology, we have a keen eye on light quality, especially when it comes to its distribution in the space, often playing with unique light directions and atmospheres. 

Daniel Becker, born in 1983, studied Industrial Design at Braunschweig University of Arts, graduating in 2009. His work is regularly exhibited and published worldwide and has won several major design awards. 

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