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mademoiselle jo
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About mademoiselle jo

Unique objects for a distinctive atmosphere.

Joan Bebronne, designer

Trained as a stylist at La Cambre in Brussels, Joan Bebronne has worked for 25 years to create trends, colours and fabrics for the world of lingerie. Architecture has always been her passion and as such, object design has become an obvious path for her. Her will to go always further in creation pushes her to extend her register to furniture design.

In 2019, she creates her design studio MADEMOISELLE JO, based in Brussels. Joan continues to create sublime objects and spaces.

Her experience as a designer makes her works unique. Finesse and precision are more than present in all his work.

Growing and rich in collaboration with great creators, she continues to surprise us through her art.



Her approach is based on intuition, with a fascination for the material and the intention to offer something beautiful and different. Her vision delicately intertwines heritage and technology, aiming to offer creations at the right price, designed to last and be transmitted, while trying to produce as local as possible and to highlight our know-how...



A responsible commitment for a sustainable product.

MADEMOISELLE JO offers objects produced with great care in Belgium and Europe. Useful creations that make people smile, creations that are passed on and that in their multiple lives, will have different functions according to the imagination of their owner.

The small series allow to have control over each piece, a hand finishing for turned wood and inlaid brass, thus honouring a sometimes forgotten know-how. The objects are versatile, designed to last and to be passed on. They reflect a certain poetry but the functional aspect always remains at the heart of the creative process.

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