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MU - Creators of luminaires & materials made of flexible mineral polymer.

A material with multiple qualities, silicone comes from quartz and silica. Resulting from an invention of the American James Franklin Hyde in 1938, a researcher at Corning Glass Works in Michigan, it was quickly used in industry and armament. It is the meeting of silicon and oxygen. Its origin is therefore mineral. A recent material, originating from the industrial world, silicone is devoid of traditional know-how. However, what a rich and interesting material with multiple qualities.

Soft and sensual material, it intrinsically holds an intense sensitivity.

Graduated from a dual course at ENSAAMA - Olivier de Serres in Ceramic Art and Design and in Sculpture applied to synthetic materials, Emilie Grière is keen to highlight the sensitive qualities of composite materials in the field of objects, art, design and crafts. Silicone is an unexplored territory that conceals wonders. In 2016 Emilie Griere creates MU, Studio of flexible mineral polymer materials and luminaires, by declining her materials into luminaires. Her place and approach in the field of lighting is similar to her favourite material, which is singular. She creates soft and sensitive objects and materials, "flexible luminaires with disturbing and poetic plays of light". Also her place as a silicone material maker, "craftswoman of silicone", is almost unique and emerging. MU offers a new experience, luminaires and materials to touch, to blow, sensitive to draughts, to feel, to handle, to caress, where objects are placed without noise. Soft Parade.
In 2019, Emilie Grière is a laureate of the Banque Populaire Foundation for research into hybridization and silicon ennobling.

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