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Studio Ruthy Design
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About Studio Ruthy Design


A young creative agency specializing in product design, Studio Ruthy Design designs, develops and distributes objects and furniture from their workshop located on the French Riviera.
Our products are entirely made in France and with respect for artisanal know-how. This is how the Studio nourishes its philosophy of local and eco-responsible manufacturing. We carefully select our materials for their quality and robustness ... Each piece is designed to last and be transmitted. For the sake of sustainable forest management, all products are made from wood from eco-managed forests. What made you want to become a designer? "As far back as I can remember, I could spend hours watching my father dismantle machines, tweak mechanisms, try new DIY combinations ... And it is exactly in these moments, where time stands still, that I developed this passion for the object, this need for the analyzer in all its forms and in all its uses ... " Was there an event that would have influenced your work and your career? "The simple fact of becoming a mother ..."
Passionate designer and mother of a tribe of three children, it is in 2019 that Ruthy ASSOULINE - designer and founder of the Studio - decides to widen her practice to the design of objects and furniture specially thought and designed for children. This is how the "My little Jungle" Collection was born and broke the codes of the world of children, with as a guideline, this fierce desire that the objects it designs, not be producers of normative identities but a less binary design perspective, which offers our children an exploration in a less stereotypical ... less gendered imagination, to open up their field of possibilities!

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