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Principle (noun): Which is the origin of something, which is its primary cause. Fundamental proposition. Point defining the essential

PRINCIPE, a new French contemporary furniture house, shows its willingness to create products that combine high aesthetic value with a meticulous concern for practical perfection.

For its first collection, PRINCIPE presents sofas and armchairs, masterpieces of our living spaces.

There are two of them in PRINCIPE: Stephan Lanez and Marie-Amélie Doin. Together, they imagine furniture, they invent objects, they think about them, they produce them. So that they can live in your home. With you.

In 2009, Stephan Lanez launched his eponymous design studio. Resolutely contemporary, he believes in commitment. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, he holds a post-graduate degree from ENSAD. The functional aspect and the history of the object feed his creativity. 

Stephan Lanez began his career in archaeology while continuing his research on design. His multiple collaborations (Perrouin, Désio, Red édition, La boîte concept, artistic direction for Chevalier édition; ...) and realizations allow him to work on architecture, interior architecture and furniture. Designer, he chooses and defines the furniture in harmony with his creations. In the course of time, designing products becomes essential to him. 

Thanks to his experience, he now offers his first collections for PRINCIPE.

After a career in mass distribution, Marie-Amélie Doin joined the luxury hotel business. She knows how to satisfy the expert tastes of a clientèle. Today, she chooses to accompany young companies in their development.

Marie-Amélie Doin's commitment at Principe is to offer aesthetic, durable and perfectly functional objects. Optimistic and pragmatic, she shares with Stephan Lanez an appetite for beauty.

Together they cultivate the Principe requirement.

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