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Beuzeval Furniture
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About Beuzeval Furniture

Furniture designer and maker based in the East End of London.

Mandie Beuzeval is a furniture designer and maker based in the East End of London. Her love of wood and a passion for process informs her approach to designing beautiful, modern, versatile and high-quality furniture.  Mandie has spent years photographing buildings, structures and the spaces in between; this architectural inspiration continues to influence her design practice.  

Beuzeval furniture favours traditional craft over mass production; the furniture, whether bespoke or part of a small batch, is handmade with care to achieve fine detail and beautiful finish.  Designs include a range of benches, stools and tables in hardwoods of ash, oak, walnut, cherry and London plane.  Other work takes on the form of vertical folding structures, striking and versatile furniture that can take on different configurations depending on how and where they are placed in a room. 

All hardwoods are FSC certified and wastage from production is either taken for bedding at a local city farm or reused on other smaller projects.

We have a no-waste policy and a motto that everything will have a use at some point, so offcuts are kept for future projects ensuring that all trees are used to their full potential in making long-lasting products. As many people are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainable living this handmade furniture is a departure from throwaway culture and a move towards having a longer-lasting relationship with the objects in our homes.

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