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About Radar

RADAR INTERIOR is the complicity of two passionate people, lovers of art and design,
two cities, two histories, PARIS and MILAN linked by culture, fashion and design.

RADAR is also the ability to capture trends and listen to customers and their needs.
needs to realize UNIQUE and customized objects

Bastien Taillard was born into a family of decorators and designers where creativity has always been a strong bond.

After his training at the ENSCI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Paris) this tireless traveller settled temporarily in Milan where he met several of his future mentors, these iconic designers, pioneers and innovators. It is his own road and style that he develops through his experiences and encounters. Now he lives in Asia at the moment he is based in Bali (Indonesia) but he works and finds inspiration everywhere.

Francesca Bertini, a Milanese born in the Mecca of world design, married to a Neapolitan with whom she lives in France. Initially tempted by a professional sports career in alpine skiing, she decided to take on another challenge, her degree in International Business Management at Università Bocconi in Milan.

From marketing for a major publishing group to international and institutional relations for a major European think tank linked to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she moved to France and put her experience at the service of the commercial management of a luxury decoration brand. 

Bastien, art director and designer of Radar says: "I get a lot of inspiration from modern art and especially from installations. Nature is a central element in our creative process, those random shapes that turn out to be perfect when you look at their microscopic structure, natural elements transformed such as mercury in liquid form that becomes a mirror, molten gold, heated glass that becomes malleable, aluminum, all those buried elements that can be shaped, moulded, cut, polished to make light come out of them. 

Man has always been fascinated by the movement of water, its reflections, and therefore logically by what shines, gold, silver. What I like is the common spectrum of these materials across cultures. Indeed, man has always worn the ring on his finger, kings wear the crown, silver and crystal invite themselves to the table, it is a question of showing, these materials which have always been the companions of man and carry a particular symbol.

Radar luminaires are not shy, they assume their position in the interior. Our lighting fixtures are above all living rooms, on or off, we think of them as elements that illuminate, bring a touch, a strong accent to the architectural setting of the house.

Paris and Milan are in our minds at every creative step, paying homage to Paris with the plaster collection of Paris Haussmann is important to us, as well as playing with the Carrara marble and its unique presence in the fashion capital that is Milan. The glass material is omnipresent and throughout the collections, it is linked to our rare and unique know-how which is the casting of glass on large format moulds.

The graphic aspect of the objects is undoubtedly the main thread of our pieces, the purity of the lines the simplicity of the shapes to always emphasize the material."

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