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Anne-Charlotte Saliba
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About Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Anne Charlotte Saliba is a paper designer and sculptor.

All her attention is focused on light.

In her studio in Lyon, she creates her lighting fixtures in their entirety,

and then makes them evolve, grow along with his thinking.

Design is done through matter,

the creator works directly in volume, after the emergence of an idea, a form.


Her different collections are part of an eco-design approach,

combining elegance, finesse and respect for the environment.

The beauty of the outside world and more precisely of nature,

are of real importance to Anne-Charlotte,

its influences being essentially from the plant and animal world...

It is inspired by the fineness of the lines and membranes of certain veins of plants.

but also bioluminescent abyssal species and the grace of their movements,

giving a lively character to some of these lamps.

Its luminaires can be serialized,

but remain unique because they are entirely hand-made,

made of natural fibers.

Other lamps are unique, each with an original design,

drawn by punches according to the wandering of the hand over the moment...



With a degree in Applied Arts from Lisaa Rennes,

in interior architecture and object design, she also creates

Custom-made parts for places / spaces

based on their stories and what they tell.

That's why she likes to venture out and respond to various commands.


Each new light, a new story...


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