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Studio Gatz
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About Studio Gatz

Upcycled objects and resinart inspired by surfing

Born in 1987, Ivan Grangeret lives and works in Bidart. Ivan Grangeret is a self-taught French designer with an original background. 
After studying music and a few years working as a Sound Designer in Paris, he chose to turn to creation. 
In 2016, he decides to leave everything to settle in Bidart where he has his roots. Manual work fascinates him as much as surfing. It is quite naturally that he starts shaping his own boards.
It is after breaking one of his boards on the surf spot Parlementia in Guethary that the idea of creating a table with one of the broken pieces came to him. 
When you love surfing, a surfboard is a real reservoir of memories, a support of emotions. 
Anxious to value this attachment and to avoid waste, he thinks about a way to give a second life to this board that he loved surfing so much.
Attention to detail, perfectionism, responsible design, pure lines, surfing culture are all words that could qualify Ivan Grangeret's work and his particular signature.
Ivan Grangeret imagines, designs and makes all his creations himself.
Gatz is the will to give a second life to broken surfboards originally destined for destruction, while preserving their history and soul.

Recycled materials that make sense and are sustainable.

French manufacture and craftsmanship.

An ethical approach that saves resources and reduces waste.

Buying Gatz means taking part in a more responsible consumption, i.e. a more thoughtful consumption that takes care of the planet and people.

Buying a product made in France reduces the environmental impact and supports the national and local economy. Simply put, it means more work for everyone, more purchasing power and therefore more happy people.

It also helps to preserve French know-how and craftsmanship, and it is a guarantee of quality because when you manufacture in France you have to respect regulations and good working conditions.

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