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Mues Design
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About Mues Design

Publisher of character wallpapers

A family story

We are two sisters driven by the same desire to share and express our inspirations in the world of decoration. With an ornamental mother and a cabinetmaker father, we had the chance to grow up in the midst of material effects, color trials, precious woods and styles from all eras. This inspiring environment made us both insatiable fanatics of the staging, the decor and its details ...

We see decoration and wallpaper as a great playground! Going from classic to kitsch, or from retro to contemporary does not scare us! We even take pleasure in demystifying the wallpaper, to see it as a change, a renewal, a staging.


An original and work style

We take great care in the treatment, the depth and the colors. Our patterns almost always come from a work done previously by hand, such as a watercolor, a drawing, a sketch ... moreover, we often combine several techniques! We have a real passion for colors, we like to make them vibrate, overlap, blend ... with a key word: light.

The SERAPHINE and GABRIEL gradient series, essential in the history of our collections and our wax-inspired patterns are still very successful today! Our stripes, panoramas and artistic collaborations are also part of the DNA of our catalog.


Our philosophy

Concerned about the impact of our activity on the environment, we have opted from our beginnings for a production and a range that is both reasoned and reasonable.

We print solvent-free on FSC-labeled paper. Designed in our Parisian studio, our wallpapers are made in Europe and printed in France to limit travel distances. To avoid material loss and unsold products, we only produce by order.

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