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Sophie Masson
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About Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson designs and creates porcelain dinner services and living objects. Handmade, each porcelain is unique and singular.

From her past as a fashion designer, Sophie has kept this curiosity to smell the air of time, to create her own trends, to set up collections. In addition to this job, she is training as a porcelain decorator. Passionate, she perfected her skills in Limoges and asserted herself with professionals and private individuals. The desire to go further, to associate shapes and decorations becomes an evidence, since she designs and shapes porcelain dinner services and living objects, where each piece that passes through the filter of her sensitivity becomes a unique and singular object. 

As a publisher, she personalizes any porcelain with lettering, text, slogans or logos at the request of her clients - decorators, shops or private individuals. Sophie invites artists to express themselves, together they create unique, numbered and signed small porcelain series. Labelled "Maisons de Mode" she opens her first boutique in Roubaix in 2017. The brand is now present in many points of sale in France and abroad.

2019/2020: the Habanera and Puntilla collection is exhibited at the City of Lace and Fashion in Calais.

2018: Winner of the creation prize force femmes - Coca - Cola.

2017: SIMA prize from the IMAP, institute of art and heritage.

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